More and more WordPress sites spring up online for product and service based companies across the UK. However, if the person creating the website isn’t fully tech savvy, getting a nice looking new website it is often at the detriment of other factors. Yes, the site itself will look aesthetically pleasing but very few web designers, namely those seeking to create a WordPress site themselves, are also technically minded in terms of web management and website hosting. This is where Dalaric Ltd can help.

Based in Dorset but covering the whole of the South West and London, our team of web specialists are on hand to help with all aspects of web management, hosting and website care plans. From security, performance analysis, maintenance and backups, all the way through to transactional emails, domain name registration, domain management and DNS, there’s lots we can do to help. This means you can design your website and we’ll do the rest by managing and hosting your website. Just think of us as the experts in all things technical and you’ll have hit the nail on the head!

Of course, there’s lots of reasons why it makes sense to outsource your web hosting and web management to an expert third-party provider such as Dalaric Ltd. In this article, we cover off some of the main advantages.

Why outsource?

Access to experienced and qualified technical staff
For hosting service providers it is not always possible to find qualified technical staff for their support requirements. Plus, hiring experienced staff is not a cheap exercise and can cause a serious impact on the company’s finances.

Outsourced Web hosting support companies like Dalaric Ltd have highly experienced technical staff. Add in extensive know-how of business best practices, and you can rest assured that your clients will receive excellent technical support round the clock, whenever you need it

Enjoy increased efficiency and competitiveness
When businesses have support teams in-house they have to spend time sorting the technical side of things out. This cost is passed on to the customers ultimately. However, by outsourcing support in regards to web hosting and management you can keep costs down. What’s more, in doing so you’ll enjoy an edge over the your competition.

More reasons to outsource…

It offer real support to your customers
This is a really important factor here. When a client asks a question, or needs help, it is essential that they are responded to as soon as possible. Furthermore, it can enhance your company’s reputation and could potentially gain you more clients in the long run.

Allows you to focus on your core business
This point is a significant benefit of outsourcing your web hosting and management. When you outsource both, there’s no responsibility on your side to get the right staff in to carry out the duties. Nor do you need to monitor staff performance. Instead, when you outsource web hosting and management, you’ll save time, energy and money in the long run. This can be used to develop your core business instead.

Gives you the ability to scale your support team
Handing over your technical support to an outsourcer such as Dalaric Ltd will empower you with the flexibility to scale your support team as per your requirements. It can work both ways; upscale or downscale. This is a great advantage as you can quickly adapt to a sudden surge or decline in demand. In contrast, if you keep your hosting in-house, you don’t have such flexibility and training cycles, for example which can be a pain point for many businesses.

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