Search online and you’ll be bombarded with a flurry of companies promising you the earth in regards to WordPress and their care packages. But with varying packages available, all at different price points it can seem like a confusing minefield when it comes to selecting the right one for you. Add into the mix, the need to know what these packages actually cover, it can easily become a headache! This is where Dalaric Ltd can help with our WordPress maintenance and management services. 

If you take some time to think long and hard about any problems or pain points you’ve experienced recently with your WordPress website, it’ll be a good starting point. From here you can ascertain which areas you need help with but we’ll be more than happy to take the reins from here. 

Find the right WordPress service for you

Running a website is a full time job and that’s no exaggeration. Once it’s been designed and launched, you have to keep it secure online, make sure it operates efficiently and you’ve got quick loading times. Just like a vehicle needs regular maintenance and servicing, if you neglect your website, it won’t run as well as it should, and you could experience glitches across time. Maintaining a website can take a lot of time but thankfully, WordPress maintenance and management services are designed to ensure everything runs optimally.

Designed to keep your website in tip top condition- all without the stress and hassle of doing it yourself, our WordPress maintenance and management services can help with lots of potential issues from security, plugin and theme updates, website backups and spam problems and much more!

Interested in finding out more? Read our helpful blog and discover some of the reasons why Dalaric Ltd should be your number one choice when it comes to WordPress maintenance and management services for your website.

We’re Here For You

Whether you’re experiencing a website glitch, a hack or someone in your team has made an error we can help. Our WordPress maintenance and management service provides complete peace of mind that we’ll fix it. Not only will it stop you from worrying, it will also save you time and hassle should anything go awry.

Efficient Customer Support

We’re delighted to report that our WordPress maintenance and management service is able to fix lots of issues. We can help to fix bugs, improve and optimize performance, and address various security vulnerabilities as soon as possible. What’s more, we can identify and tackle website vulnerabilities, WordPress plugin errors, and bad updates..

Basic WordPress Maintenance and Management

Here’s a list of the basic maintenance tasks included in our plan:

  • Initial repair services
  • Website health check
  • Security tweaks
  • Cloud backups for WordPress website and database
  • WordPress core, themes, and plugin updates
  • Security and malware scans
  • Periodical reports

    Get in touch and talk to us about our WordPress maintenance and management service.

Advanced Features

Some advanced features in your WordPress maintenance and management service will be necessary, especially for ecommerce websites and larger businesses.

If you want advanced features like live uptime monitoring, WordPress theme updates, tune-ups, website changes, and SEO, speak to us about the most suitable plan for you!

Emergency Support Availability

As part of our comprehensive plan, we offer emergency support for a fixed number of repairs. Get in touch to find out more; we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Overall, if you want to keep your WordPress website running in tip top condition, investing in website maintenance and support is essential. Whatever your requirement, let Dalaric Ltd help. Enjoy complete peace of mind as we maintain and manage your WordPress site.

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