Can Anyone Handle Website Design?

The arrival of content management systems such as WordPress made it possible for almost everyone to set up a website when needed. Over the years, CMSes simplified web design and site creation; whether it’s a personal style blog or a corporate website, you can set it up.

However, web design is more than just downloading a template and personalising themes. A site must achieve a specific objective. Maybe it’s getting users to click on your recipe or advertising a new product. Maintenance and security are other aspects that one must factor in when it comes to creating a website. For reasons like these, hiring a professional website designer makes more sense. Here are several justifications for trusting a website design company.

High-Quality Web Design Platforms

Free design templates have flooded the market, and they come in handy when setting up a site. The downside is that you can’t create a platform that stands out with the basic features that come incorporated into these templates. The last thing a website owner needs is a platform that looks like a hundred others on the web, especially if it is a business website. A professional-looking site takes a significant amount of work.

A designer has to select the correct theme, put the headers, plugins and images and incorporate certain codes. Several security elements come into play as well. When you lack the necessary expertise, all this can sound complicated. An experienced web designer knows what to do to get the best from WordPress or whatever CMS you are using.

Besides the appearance of the site, a designer understands what it takes to develop a fast and problem-free platform. How well a website performs is just as critical as how it looks. Aspects like the layout, hosting and coding will affect the performance of a platform, and any skilled designer knows how to incorporate them for maximum advantage. Designers will also choose hosting solutions that meet the speed and storage needs of a site.

Website Maintenance

Getting your website running is not the end of the process. If a platform is to keep functioning optimally, it demands a lot more. During its lifetime, a site undergoes many changes that will influence how it performs. As the user keeps adding content, the dynamics of the platform shift. A website designer knows how to handle the technical aspects of a site to cater to the evolving requirements of the user. If a WordPress plugin needs an update, a designer has the expertise to deal with it. In the case of buggy plugins, an expert in website design knows what to do.

Hiring a website design agency means that you get the necessary technical support to care for your platform. As long as a website is running, the risk of something going wrong is always there. Imagine if your platform crashed and you don’t have any technical know-how other than to set up a website using a template. Such a situation can cost you considerable losses if you use the website for profit. Even if it’s for personal branding, every minute that the site is down is time that a visitor doesn’t interact with your brand.

With a fully fledged support team at your disposal, you are guaranteed of timely solutions to problems. Of course, you have to ensure that there is a team responsible for your site’s maintenance. You can have one company handle the design and hosting. Doing this ensures that you have experts at your disposal for site maintenance. Backup solutions are some of the other critical servicing elements that a provider will offer. Essential backups guarantee that there is a redundancy for website data in case it gets lost.

Web Design – Enhanced Security

A website requires certain security features to keep it safe for owners and visitors. Passwords and two-factor authentication are examples of the safety measures that owners implement. In some instances, though, a platform requires much more. Take for instance, an e-commerce site where shoppers have to provide financial information to complete purchases. Any vulnerability on the platform can jeopardise sensitive data. A professional who is well informed on structuring a secure site knows which protocols to incorporate to enhance safety.

The experience and expertise of a designer will help guard your website against hacking, information theft and data loss. A CMS like WordPress has some tasks that website owners must perform to improve the safety of a platform like updating plugins. You can leave such works to a website design company and concentrate on other tasks. Most design companies that also double in hosting will offer technical support and maintenance services. You may get them with the website design or have to pay for them separately.


In today’s world, people access websites on multiple platforms, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. As technology continues to advance, these options keep growing. When creating your WordPress site, it has to be compatible with different media to make it easier for visitors to use it. A website that functions well on desktop but fails to load some content on a mobile phone can cost you web traffic.

Online users like the flexibility of switching from one channel to the next without struggling. Achieving compatibility across multiple media is not a common skill. An expert designer knows what to consider when making a website mobile responsive. A professional will also factor in the various browsers that web visitors use. If the website content is going to be available on another platform like a mobile app, a designer will include this.

Web Design – Branding and Marketing

You can create the perfect website with beautiful templates and fill it with content but then fail to generate any traffic due to poor branding and marketing. A web design firm can help you get the most from your platform by branding and selling it to the target audience. Branding involves creating an image that matches the objectives of your brand. Whether it’s a personal or company site, you can brand it to increase awareness. However, successful branding needs good strategies that a web design agency is familiar with. A professional will know how to design a platform for particular branding requirements.

An expert will pick a theme that corresponds with the image of the brand and then carry that throughout the design of the website. A website development firm is not restricted to basic templates and can, therefore, implement a host of branding strategies. Web design companies also come in handy when looking to market your site. Many elements such as SERP rankings, PPC ads and content management affect online visibility. An experienced designer will employ varying tactics to ensure that a platform receives as much exposure as possible. A common strategy is linking a website to social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Several other marketing avenues like business cards, emails and brochures can help boost the exposure of a website.


Web design may appear simple, but if you want a reliable platform that is customised to meet specific goals, it is more practical to hire a professional. A web designer understands how to approach different platforms and structure them according to particular requirements. Hiring a website designer saves a lot of time because the expert deals with everything from hosting to branding. The ROI you get with a professionally structured site more than covers the costs of hiring a website design firm.

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