Amidst the craziness of the Coronavirus pandemic, the importance of having a website up and running is proving ever more important than ever. With the population encouraged to limit social contact and home from work wherever possible, the volume of people jumping online, be it for work or pleasure, has dramatically increased over the last few months.

No longer are people simply using the internet for Instagram selfies or trawling the web after work, it has become hugely popular for many reasons including online shopping, the download and absorption of information and for educational purposes. And the statistics speak volumes here. With higher online purchases over the last few months, it really does seem like the overall population may well have changed the way they shop forever.

A shift towards a digital age

As time goes by, more and more business owners are realising the benefits to having a website. And it couldn’t be more true than right here and now. Many businesses with established websites will have spent vast amounts of time over the last few months updating their websites to reflect the ever changing environment.

Significantly, many of these businesses may have previously had a ‘bricks and mortar’ storefront. However these may well have taken a backseat since the outbreak of Coronavirus. Here, the plight of the high street and its continual decline has become even more apparent as they struggle for footfall as the population is encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. Putting that aside, while some businesses have ditched their physical stores in preference to their online store, others have employed dual marketing tactics by investing in both avenues for the greatest chance of survival and exposure.

In reality, before COVID-19 hit, many businesses may not have dedicated much time, effort or resources into building their online platforms. If business was soaring beforehand, owners may not have felt the need to invest in such marketing techniques. This could include both a service based website or an online store selling products via the web.

The time is now

Without a doubt, now is the best time to explore what is possible in terms of all aspects of digital marketing. This includes a new website which is a fantastic platform for sales and marketing. Here, it is important to explore what could be developed, both now and across time. Whether your business is still trickling on or you’ve experienced significant downtime, it’s time to boost your sales potential and get on board with a brand new website today.

But why invest in a new website during the Coronavirus pandemic? In terms of online users, one of the biggest benefits of being able to browse a company’s website is they can learn more about your business. They can also enquire about your range of services or shop products directly via your online storefront.

Furthermore, a website can offer a high level of transparency when done correctly. In addition, they also offer your customers and future potential customers a space to air any concerns or ask questions. This is especially helpful as a way to reach out as face to face communication has been stripped right back due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

Seizing marketing and sales opportunities amidst Coronavirus

Looking at the here and now, there’s no doubt that Coronavirus has impacted businesses of all sizes. Having a well built website is a fantastic way to keep businesses current and up to speed with the ever changing landscape of sales and communication.They also offer a great resource for upselling products and encouraging more spending. Moreover, a website offers a platform to sell gift cards that customers can buy now and use later when the Coronavirus situation has improved.

While more and more people have switched to shopping online, many have also used the internet for other reasons. This includes for the consumption newsworthy stories, digital entertainment and all manner of health-related information especially in terms of Coronavirus. This desire to take advantage of the accessibility of the web and also absorb more information via content rich websites is a great reason to build a website of your own.

What makes a successful website?

Firstly, spot on graphics and branding is essential. It provides a positive first impression but also serves to convey ideas and values. This is very important in the middle of a pandemic. Furthermore, a great looking logo helps to build upon a company’s brand. It serves the foundation for the entire narrative on which a brand is built.

Next, content is king. Excellent written content throughout a website helps engage online users. Special attention should be made with the current pandemic in mind. This may include making necessary adjustments to ensure everything that is presented is clearly written and makes sense.

Now amidst Coronavirus, it is even more important to tell online users what they want to know from the outset. At the same time, it is important to deliver honest and compassionate content to online users regarding the services and products they offer.

In addition to first class written content, high quality images and videos is a fantastic benefit to any website. Photographs and videos showing your team, your work and/or the products you offer help to build credibility. They also demonstrate the kind of business you are. Now is the time to put your best foot forward and great content will definitely help to achieve this.

Furthermore, including real reviews from real customers is a win-win situation. Authentic reviews will build brand loyalty and boost sales. They will also help to strengthen your business position within your industry. For many online users, reading other people’s reviews helps them to make them feel more confident about their potential purchase.

A quick round up

With the above in mind, there is significant evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic has ramped up the shift towards a more digitalised world and experience. Subsequently, the need for a fully functioning website is very important in this age of the coronavirus. This includes a service based site or an online shopping platform.

Here to help during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond!

Need help or advice about getting a website built during the pandemic? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Dalaric Ltd. We offer a range of Internet Management Services and are on hand to help you navigate your way through this difficult time, however long it may last. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Read more blogs here.

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The Importance of Having a Website | Coronavirus Pandemic 4

WordPress Managed Hosting, Setup, Security, Design and Maintenance Specialists

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WordPress Managed Hosting and Security
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